Snatcher Sega CD Video Game Complete in Case

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Snatcher Sega CD Video Game Complete in Case
  • The video game is disc is free of scratches and play-tested.
  • The video gamne case is clean and unworn with excellent unworn lid.
  • The game manual is complete but with torn and repaired covers and loose interior pages.
More Information
Condition Acceptable
Platform Sega CD
Region Code NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
Game Name Snatcher
Publisher Sega
Video Game Name Snatcher
Game Summary Snatcher is a cyberpunk-themed graphic adventure game directed and written by Hideo Kojima and produced by Konami. The setting and story of Snatcher is heavily influenced by cyberpunk and science-fiction media, taking place in a large futuristic dystopian city. The story revolves around an investigator named Gillian Seed assigned to investigate a breed of bioroids known as "snatchers", who are killing humans and taking their place in society. The game is set in a primarily first person perspective and uses a menu-based interface that allows the protagonist to interact with his environment. The player can choose to "Look", "Investigate", "Talk", "Ask" and "Move" (in addition to other options) to acquire key items or receive vital information from other characters. The player can analyze items in Gillian's belongings or show it to other characters. During key points of the game's story, the player must pass shooting sequences to defend Gillian from assailants. These shooting segments use a 3x3 grid which the player can target to fire at enemies. A shooting trainer, called "Junker's Eyes", is accessible at Junker HQ that allows the player to measure their accuracy.
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